REPORT: Project DISRUPT: Healthy diets on a healthy planet

GAIN (2020) Game-changing innovations for healthy diets on a healthy planet: Insights from a Delphi Study. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). Working Paper no. 15. Geneva (Switzerland): Pedersen, C.; Remans, R.; Zornetzer, H.; De Hemptinne, M.; Brulé-Champagne, E.; Jensen, S.; Pedro, C.; Gonzalez, W.; Falla, A.; Laporte, M-A.; DeClerck, F. GAIN. December 2020. 24 p.

Our current food system is in dire need of change. To enable resilient, affordable, safe, and nutritious diets for the current and growing global population while restoring and safeguarding our environment, we need to think and act out of the box.

GAIN, the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT, and EAT joined forces to conduct a three-stage Delphi study, to identify and investigate game-changing innovations for improving diets and restoring environments by 2030.

The central study question “Which innovations can be game-changers in making affordable, safe & nutritious foods available in an environmentally sustainable way by 2030?” was rooted in the concrete challenges of specific geographical contexts and food system settings, including a semi-arid rural setting in Ethiopia, a tropical coastal setting in Mozambique and an urban setting in Bangladesh. 


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