REPORT + WEBINAR: Double Standards and Hazardous Pesticides

REPORT + WEBINAR: Double Standards and Hazardous Pesticides

27 April 2021.  Online launch event and discussion of the study Double Standards and Hazardous

Pesticides from Bayer and BASF

In a new study, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, the INKOTA-netzwerk and PAN Germany show that Bayer and BASF are responsible for the marketing and in some cases development of at least 33 pesticide active ingredients that pose an acute threat to human health. Many of these active ingredients are lethal even at low doses, others are quite likely carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic. 
The new study sheds light on the use of Bayer and BASF active ingredients in Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa, and the harm these chemicals bring with them. The list of active ingredients highly hazardous to human health that have found their way around the world through Bayer and BASF is long. Terms like glufosinate, spirodiclofen, and (beta-)cyfluthrin conceal concrete hazards: they are highly toxic, probably carcinogenic or mutagenic.

Despite the great lack of transparency in the international pesticide market, the authors of the study succeeded in proving the hidden trade of this highly hazardous Bayer active ingredient using the example of Fenamiphos. Although Bayer does not directly sell any pesticides containing the active ingredient, the original Bayer active ingredient fenamiphos reaches the market in Brazil via the pesticide products of other manufacturers.

In order to end the double standards of the international trade in pesticide active ingredients, there needs to be, among other things, a global ban on the production, storage, and trade of highly hazardous pesticide active ingredients.

Presentation of the study and discussion with:
  • Peter Clausing (PAN Germany), 
  • Wiebke Beushausen (INKOTA-netzwerk), 
  • Colette Solomon (Women on Farms, South Africa), 
  • Irma Gómez (Alianza Maya por las Abejas, Mexico)
  • Moderation: Jan Urhahn (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung)

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