Research workshop: Agriculture and Climate Change

10 – 11 February 2015. Brussels. The European Commission Directorate general for Agriculture and rural development, in collaboration with Directorates in charge of Research and innovation, Climate action and the Joint research Centre organised a research workshop on ‘climate-smart agriculture‘ on . The workshop assembled around 65 participants from the research community, stakeholders’ organisations and international institutions and networks.

The objective was to identify research gaps and prioritise research needs regarding agriculture in relation to climate change. The opening session provided the audience with a variety of presentations (see infra). After that, participants worked in parallel sessions on:

  • Carbon cycle,
  • Nitrogen cycle and
  • Water and abiotic stresses.

A full day of intensive discussions brought very useful inputs, including three descriptions of what a climate-smart farm would be from the point of view of carbon, nitrogen or water and abiotic stresses. These inputs will be compiled in a report and will serve the further programming of Horizon 2020.

Presentations from the introductive plenary session are available below:

Setting the scene:

Overview on past agriculture and climate change research activities:

Policy needs:

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