Rhoda Peace Tumusiime’s Autobiography

20 October 2015. Uganda – Since joining the African Union Commission, Rhoda Peace Tumusiime has championed the agricultural development of Africa. At present she is the commissioner for rural economy and agriculture, continuing to make great strides in her nation’s growth and development.

In her recently released book titled “My Life’s Footprints: Rhoda Peace Tumusiime’s Autobiography” (published by Xlibris UK), Tumusiime looks back to the journey that brought her where she is today: a place of gratitude, commitment and social-consciousness.

Tumusiime grew up in a remote village in Uganda. Her family had marginal resources and girls in her society had limited opportunities; in fact it was common practice for girls to be married off at a tender age. In spite of these harsh realities, Tumusiime was determined to do something more. She shares her story in detail in her book, describing her early life, experiences in the African Union and her becoming elected as commissioner; a position which has given her the opportunity to give back and do more for her country.

“My Life’s Footprints: Rhoda Peace Tumusiime’s Autobiography” is a powerful true story of a girl who dared to dream. Above all, it is triumphant testament of the indomitable human spirit.

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