SACAU’s 2014 Policy Conference and AGM

SACAU’s 2014 Policy Conference and AGM

26-29 May 2014, Lesotho. The Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU), based in Pretoria and to which the Lesotho National Farmers Union (LENAFU) is a member, held its annual policy conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lesotho at the Maseru Sun International.

The central theme of the conference focused on livestock issues in the region; the main objective being to identify solutions and growth opportunities for producers and other stakeholders. Key areas in the dialogue covered:

  • an overview on regional and global trends, 
  • scientific and technological advances, 
  • livestock and climate changes, 
  • livestock value chains and 
  • African socio-cultural aspects of livestock production.
Participants at the conference included several continental and global stakeholders, government leaders, policy-makers, prominent agribusiness leaders and representative leaders from national farmer’s organization such as:

  • Botswana Agricultural Union (BAU)
  • Lesotho National Farmers Union (LENAFU)
  • Coalition paysanne de Madagascar (CPM) and Confederation des Agriculteurs Malagasy (FERRITAMA)
  • Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) and National smallholders Famers Association of Malawi (NASFAM)
  • Uniao Nacional de Camponeses (UNAC) Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) and Namibia Natioanal Farmers Union (NNFU)
  • Seychelles Farmers Association (SEYFA) Agri South Africa (AgriSA) and African Farmers’ Association of South Africa (AFASA).
  • Swaziland National Agricultural Union (SNAU),
  • Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT).
  • Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU),
  • Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe (CFU) and Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU).

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