The business of agricultural business services

An increasing number of African smallholders are moving from subsistance farming to selling at least part of their output. To shift successfully to a more commercial footing they need a lot more than the production advice traditionally provided by extension services. They need agricultural business development services. These are provided by a mix of private companies, NGOs, cooperatives and government agencies. And their services are paid for in many different ways: some are for free, paid for by donors, some are subsidized and sometimes clients pay the full costs.

The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Agro-Profocus and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) set out to learn from the practice and experiences of a number of business service providers in Africa, trying to understand the role they play in the current pluralistic extension systems.
Short video produced by ACACIAS. Made with Yessica Baeten and Edward Menchaca.

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