The Climate change vulnerability Sourcebook

The Climate change vulnerability Sourcebook

The Vulnerability Sourcebook is targeted at governmental and non-governmental organisations and aims to support their efforts to substantiate and enhance adaptation and development planning. The document is of interest to institutions that are engaged in activities at the intersection of climate change and sustainable development.

The Vulnerability Sourcebook should be of particular interest to technical and adaptation experts looking for an effective tool which, at various spatial and administrative levels, can:

  • provide a sound assessment of vulnerability to climate change, 
  • improve adaptation and development planning,
  • enhance the development of adaptation measures, and
  • support M&E of adaptation.

Users of the Vulnerability Sourcebook are likely be familiar with issues of climate change and adaptation. The document, however, does not presuppose advanced scientific expertise in developing and conducting vulnerability assessments. It is written for users with a basic understanding of the concept of vulnerability and methods for dealing with it.

It is particularly concerned with providing readily understandable, user-friendly guidance in the development and implementation of vulnerability assessments. It acknowledges the specific conditions which prevail in developing countries – requirements as well as constraints.

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