The Desert Land conference

The Desert Land conference

17th and 18th June 2013. Ghent, Belgium. The Desert Land conference brought together research institutions, NGO’s and corporations that help cope with the problems of Desertification and Land Degradation and find appropriate solutions.

The Conference on Desertification and Land Degradation 2013 (DesertLand) acts as a platform and a catwalk for showing actions that have been taken and projects undertaken since RIO 1992? (RIO+21) for combating desertification and land degradation.

Among the objectives of the DesertLand conference was taking stock of not only the current scientific knowledge but also of the current strategies of management of areas affected by drought (water scarcity) and by degradation of land (water erosion, wind erosion, physical and chemical degradation) and pastures, and this at a national, regional and community level. Downscaling is the issue!

During the first day Fabèkourè Kambiré, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, presented “Effect of reduced tillage and manure on soil physicals properties and cotton yields in South-sudanian region of Burkina Faso”.
During the second day Thomas Rabeil, Sahara Conservation Fund, France presented: Innovation, traditional knowledge and awareness lead to good practices to avoid biodiversity loss in the Sahara.
The mission of the Sahara Conservation Fund is to conserve the wildlife, habitats and other natural resources of the Sahara and its bordering Sahelian grasslands. To implement its mission, SCF forges partnerships between people, governments, the world zoo and scientific communities, international conventions, NGOs and donor agencies. People working together with a common goal: the conservation of deserts and their unique natural and cultural heritage.
Here under follows a video interview with Fabèkourè Kambiré. 

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