The West African Agri-Business Resource Incubator

The West African Agri-Business Resource Incubator

23 January 2014. Selingue province of Malthe, Mali. The West African Agri-Business Resource Incubator (WAARI) was officially inaugurated by Prof Moustapha Dicko, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Government of Mali, in the presence of Dr William Dar, ICRISAT director-general.

WAARI is one of the six agribusiness incubators being established under the Universities, Business and Research in Agricultural Innovation (UniBRAIN) project of FARA, with the Agri-Business Incubation (ABI) program of ICRISAT’s Agribusiness and Innovation Platform (AIP) as the handholding and mentoring partner. 

The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) is financially supporting this initiative in Africa.FARA –UniBRAIN is supporting other incubators in Africa. Some of the incubators are located in the following countries: 
  1. Ghana, on Creating Competitive Livestock Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness Consortium (CCLEAr); 
  2. Kenya, on Sorghum Value-Chain Development Consortium (SVCDC); 
  3. in Uganda, on Afri Banana Product (ABP) Limited and on Consortium for Enhancing University Responsiveness to Agribusiness Development (CURAD); 
  4. and in Zambia, on Agribusiness Incubation Trust (AgBIT).

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