Third edition of Focus on Agriculture Conference, Tamale, Ghana

Third edition of Focus on Agriculture Conference, Tamale, Ghana

Oct. 3 – 5, Tamale, Ghana. The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) has consulted the African Connections Ghana Limited, an experienced service provider to strengthen the capacities of smallholder farmers in the Savannah belt of the country to increase agricultural production in their vocations to reduce poverty. 

In this direction, smallholder farmers would be trained on improved farming methods to produce in commercial quantities by utilizing the power of group formation towards commercial production and linking them to marketing centers. 
Dr. Ayesha S. Hakeem, 

Managing Director of African Connections

The three-day conference which was under the theme; “Market driven agriculture for accelerated rural economic development” brought together people from diverse backgrounds to brainstorm on workable solutions that would increase production and improve agriculture in the country. Over 200 participants from Farm-Based Organizations (FBO), outgrowers, nucleus farmers, aggregators, transporters, input supplies, agro processors, equipment suppliers and manufacturers, local authorities, financial institutions, development partners, financial institutions, researchers and local civil society organizations would attended.

Dr. Ayesha S. Hakeem, Managing Director of African Connections, said African Connections believed in the positivism of the agricultural sector despite its numerous challenges, saying “An efficient value chain is an essential ingredient needed for agriculture to play the role it can play to drive rural economic development”.

She said the exhibition and conference would provide a platform for stakeholders across the value chain to network, interact, share ideas and come out with workable solutions to address the challenges within the agricultural sector from subsistence to commercial farming.

Mr. Wilson Doku, Alliances for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Agriculture Value Chain Project Manager said AGRA had supported the country with 30 million dollars in 36 interventions but despite that, many challenges such as access to good seeds, fertilizers and sustainable farming practices still persisted.

He said bringing stakeholders together to deliberate on strategies to transform subsistence farming into a viable commercial industry will facilitate the achievement of the Government’s objective of lifting millions out of poverty.

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