THIRD PUBLIC FORA: UN Food Systems Summit

Summary Table of the First wave of game-changing propositions– 2nd April 2021 –

These overview tables present merely an initial set of ideas (Wave 1) submitted to the UN FSS Secretariat by Action Tracks (i.e., the first ‘wave’ of ideas) 25 pp.

THIRD PUBLIC FORA: UN Food Systems Summit

20 April 2021. UN Food Systems Summit Action Track 2 – Public Forum

This event on Action Track 2, focused on transforming our #FoodSystems​ by shifting to sustainable consumption patterns. This third Public Forum provided the opportunity to hear how three workstreams are advancing their work on Food Environments, Food Demand, and Food Waste.
  • Ajay Vir Jakhar (Bharat Krishak Samaj, Farmers’ Forum India) moderated the discussion and Action Track 2 Chair Gunhild Stordalen (EAT) will outline the next steps.
  • Helen Harwatt (Chatham House), Lasse Bruun (50by40), and a representative from Workstream 3 (Food Loss and Waste) presented the shortlisted solutions
  • Speakers included Victor Mugo (Co-Chair Youth Liaison Group UNFSS), Emily Heneghan Kasoma (SUN Business Network), and Yon Fernández-de-Larrinoa (FAO Indigenous Peoples Unit).

Through this public forum, multiple topics were introduced by members of the AT4 leadership team with rousing discussion led by experts in the field. 

  • The event was moderated by Michelle Nunn, CARE CEO and AT4 Chair.
This event of Action Track 3, focused on presenting game-changing solutions. Participants contributed to this third Forum by sharing ideas and feedback on the Action Track’s emerging game-changing propositions to transform our food systems. 

4 May 2021. 2pm CEST, UN Food Systems Summit – Action Track 1 Public Forum

  • The event will be moderated by Ndidi Nwuneli – founder and board chair of Nourishing Africa, co-founder and managing partner of Sahel Consulting, member of the AT1 leadership team; and very passionate about driving food system transformation, especially in Africa.

6 May 2021. 4pm CEST UN Food Systems Summit Action Track 5 – Public Forum

This third Public Forum is a valuable opportunity to canvas current thinking on the short-listed game-changing propositions, strengthen them, fill any gaps and provide feedback. Only by coming together and challenging one another we can spark new ideas and create meaningful impact.

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