TICAD: Improving Agriculture

TICAD: Improving Agriculture

1 to 3 June, 2013. Yokohama, Japan. — African and Japanese leaders adopted a declaration to promote foreign investment in Africa.

Japan co-hosted the conference, attended by the leaders from about 50 African nations. Delegates discussed trade, investment and security, among other issues.

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the talks had given rise to a determination among participating nations to move forward hand in hand. He said there was renewed hope for growth in Africa.

The Yokohama Declaration calls for cooperation to achieve accelerated growth, sustainable development and a reduction of poverty in Africa. It pledges to improve legal systems and infrastructure to encourage private foreign investment. The declaration also calls for an increase in vocational training to provide the skills needed for jobs.

It ensures a commitment to advanced agricultural technologies to boost food production. The leaders adopted an action plan to meet the declaration’s goals. The plan sets a target of 6-percent growth for Africa’s agricultural sector and a doubling of its rice production by 2018. The declaration appreciates the Government of Japan for the contribution of $550 USD million in support of humanitarian assistance in Africa.

Published on 30 May 2013

Published on 2 Jun 2013. Relations between Japan and Africa began at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development in 1993. Japan made commitments to increase the share and volume of its aid to Africa. Since then, TICAD has supported a wide range of activities to enhance peace, good governance, sustainable development, and security in Africa. CCTV’s Carol Oyola takes a look at relations between Japan and Africa and how Africa can drive its relationship with other countries.

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