Towards a Data-driven Agricultural Sector

Towards a Data-driven Agricultural Sector

28 May 2015. This session at the World Summit of the Information Society examined the contribution of e-agriculture to address the Sustainable Development Goals’ challenges. The WSIS Forum represents the world’s largest annual gathering of the ICT for development community, co-organized by ITU, UNESCO, UNDP and UNCTAD, in collaboration with the Action Line facilitators, such as e-agriculture.

It provided examples of approaches and included some of the factors affecting the free flow of information, the development of applications, ownership and inclusiveness, as well as the government policies to encourage solutions.

Speakers / panellists

You can watch the webcast archive here. (1:48:20)

27 – 29 May 2015. Chicago, US. ICT4D Conference. This year’s conference bought together leaders and experienced professionals from around the world to share and explore methods for systematically integrating information and communications technology innovations into relief and development programs –
innovations that enhance program quality, improve decision making, and increase impact.

The conference was organized into four tracks:

  1. Scaling Organizational ICT4D Capacity. 
  2. Improving the use of Data in Decision Making. 
  3. Sustaining the Value of ICT4D Solutions. 
  4.  Fostering Innovation.

Presentations related to Agricultural livelihoods of last year (Nairobi, March 25–28, 2014)

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