Virtual Agri-Food Innovation Day 2020

1 October 2020. For the second consecutive year, Berytech, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon, organized an Agri-Food Innovation Day (AFID).

In Lebanon, the agri-food sector has long suffered from lack of support and good governance that would have created a vision and strategy for its growth. It remained left out from major economic restructuring and growth plans and uncapable of accompanying the growth and evolution of other sectors, locally and worldwide. The economic crisis and impeding pandemic have just come as the tip of the iceberg, unveiling a worsened situation. The sector needs a new positioning that reinforces national pride.

The vision is to achieve a vibrant, growing, and sustainable agriculture sector that offers improved livelihoods for rural and urban communities, not only in Lebanon but in the whole region.

This panel will bring national and international speakers, highlighting a unified vision for the agriculture sector among different stakeholders, improving food security, and optimizing practices for sustainability and innovation in the sector.

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