VIRTUAL EVENT: European joint program SOIL Annual Science Days

29-31 March 2021The Annual EJP Soil Science Days facilitates exchange of scientific knowledge within the EJP SOIL consortium and strengthens scientific networks with peers in soil research. The Annual Science Days focus on presenting results and research from EJP SOIL projects and discussing scientific topics relevant to the consortium.

The main aim of the EJP is to promote a network for an integrated community of research groups working on aspects related to agricultural soil management. To fill the identified knowledge gaps, EJP SOIL fosters research projects and synthesis through the organization of internal calls. 

Break-out sessions

  • CarboSeq: Carbon sequestration potential of European agricultural soils
  • INSURE: Wet management of cultivated peatlands a sustainable land use option for peat soils
  • SOMMIT: Towards a sustainable agriculture: strategies for minimizing GHG emissions and enhancing soil C sequestration (We are no longer accepting applications)
  • SensRes: Sensor technologies for downscaling soil maps
  • TRACE-Soil: Trade-offs between soil carbon sequestration, greenhousegas emissions and nutrient losses in agricultural soils across Europe: mechanisms and management options (We are no longer accepting applications)
  • STEROPES: Earth remote observation of soil carbon: recent premises
  • SCALE: Managing Sediment Connectivity in Agricultural Landscapes for reducing water Erosion impacts
  • SIREN: Stocktaking for agricultural soil quality and ecosystem services indicators and their reference values
  • CLIMASOMA: Publication bias in soil science and agronomy: impact on our vision on soil as climate adaptation tool
  • CM1: Plant below-ground inputs to enhance soil carbon sequestration in agricultural soils
  • CA4/SP3: Contribution of soils to climate mitigation and adaptation, sustainable agricultural production and environment in agroecological systems
  • SP1: Alleviating soil compaction in a climate change context
  • INDICATORS2/SE4: European soil biodiversity forecast toward resilient agroecosystems in response to climate change
  • CM5: Effects of the soil biome on the persistence SOC storage and its drivers (We are no longer accepting applications)
  • SP2: The use, processing and application of external sources of organic matter to mitigate climate change and improve soil health
  • DATA1: Innovative techniques to monitor SOC stocks and soil degradation/ restoration changes in the EU, using spectral systems/ NIRS/ MIRS and other proximal sensing tools
  • POL2/ES7: Enabling conditions for climate smart and sustainable soil policy: fair and functional payment systems for ecosystem services related to climate
  • SE2/INDICATORS1: Modelling soil functions and soil threats for mapping soil functions and ecosystem services

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