VIRTUAL EVENT: Israel-Africa Agri-Tech conference

14 December 2020. IMPROVATE‘s Israel-Africa International Agri-Tech Conference focused on the challenges faced by African nations in developing their agricultural sectors, and the solutions Israeli technology and innovation companies have to offer.

Ministers, diplomats and senior business representatives from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Gabon and Kenya met with leading Israeli agri-tech companies at the conference held in Tel Aviv and online. Participants discussed the enormous potential of agriculture in Africa and how Israeli companies can help Africa improve yields and efficiency.

Israeli technology companies presenting at the conference: 

  • Metzer, an innovative water management company that develops drip irrigation systems for harsh topography and low-quality soil; 
  •  Agrigo, an international leader in the design and construction of turnkey livestock, greenhouse and aquaculture solutions
  • Keilot, a company that specializes in the assimilation and sale of technologies that provide clean and accessible electricity, water, heating, and energy to farmers and locals who live “off the grid”
  • Davik, a world leading adhesive solution provider, which has developed an adhesive solution for greenhouses to trap insects
  • Haifa Group, a pioneering developer of specialty fertilizers to provide balanced and precise plant nutrition; 
  • HomeBiogas develops and manufactures prefabricated biogas systems for households and small farms, providing access to clean, renewable energy around the globe. 
  • ISM – an aggregate that supplies environmental solutions to the region, focusing on renewable energy and the establishment of green transportation. 
  • Saffron-Tech specializes in technological innovation for agriculture. The Company can produce a range of crops, in a controlled, economical, and efficient manner, regardless of environmental conditions.


8 December 2020. Kenya snubs Israeli firm in Galana-Kulalu tender award
The government has awarded the Galana-Kulalu model farm tender to a new contractor, ending the tenure of the Israeli firm that has been fighting to have its tenancy reinstated.

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