VIRTUAL EVENT. MycoKey 2020. Integrated and innovative key actions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain.

VIRTUAL EVENT. MycoKey 2020. Integrated and innovative key actions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain.

19-21 October 2020. MycoKey 2020. Final International Conference on-line. “Integrated and innovative key actions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain”

This international Conference was organized together with the 2nd International Forum on Mycotoxins in Animal Production and the participation of MyToolBox project under the umbrella of the International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM).

  • During the conference, experts and international scientists presented the latest knowledge and researches on mycotoxin management, including the outcomes of the four years EU projects, with special focus on Europe-China dialogue.
  • The conference, aims to be a very important and strategic appointment for all the scientific communities, industries/companies and stakeholders, that operate in the field of the food safety, and it is based on a cross -disciplinary approach, required by the deep evolution of the whole agrifood sector. 
  • The programme of the Conference is strongly oriented towards integrated strategies for mycotoxin minimization worldwide including topics on advances in applied research in food chain , and topics focusing on industrial and networking actions.
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  • Antonio F. Logrieco, Italy – The MycoKey Project 
  • Zhang Hao, China: Mycotoxin management for safe food and feed by EU-China cooperation S1 – Challenges in Mycotoxin Analysis in food and feed 
  • Sarah De Saeger, Belgium – WP3 “Mycotoxin Monitoring: main outcome of Mycokey Project”, including Q&A
  • Veronica Lattanzio, Italy – Development, validation and in field application of multiplex dipstick immunoassay for Fusarium toxins detection in cereals 
  • Dandan Kong, China – DNA aptamer based strip tests for multi-mycotoxin analysis
Biodiversity, Fungi Monitoring & Functional Genomics of Toxigenic Fungi 
  • Kris Audenaert, Belgium – WP2 “Monitoring of toxigenic fungi: main outcome from MycoKey Project”
  • Meixin Yang, China Population Genomic Analysis Reveals a Highly Conserved Mitochondrial Genome in Fusarium asiaticum 
  • John F. Leslie, USA – Species Clusters in Fusarium
Voices from food and feed industries 
  • Yuri Lebedin, Russia, XEMA – Immunoassay of Fusarium: update and applications 
  • Ronald Niemeijer, Germany, R-BIOPHARM – Closing the gap: Smartphone based analytical tools for mycotoxin testing 
  • Giulia Rosar, Italy, EUROFINS/TECNA – Eurofins Technologies brings reliable and smart screening solutions to industries for mycotoxins monitoring 
  • Giovanni Galiazzo, Italy, FUTURLAB – Is there available an automatization simple, versatile and reliable for the quantification of toxins on feed and food matrixes? An easier way to get reliable results 


  • David Miller, Canada – An unwanted surprise: genetic changes in the populations of important toxigenic fungi
Prevention in the field 
  • Susanne Vogelgsang, Switzerland – WP4 “Mycotoxin prevention strategies: main outcomes from the Mycokey project”
  • Dimitrios Drakopoulos, Switzerland – Innovative cropping systems and bio-pesticides to prevent mycotoxins in wheat 
  • Lorenzo Stagnati, Italy – Unravelling the genetic basis of Fusarium resistance in different maize populations 
  • Ranajit Bandyopadhyay, Nigeria – Reducing aflatoxin contamination in several African nations through use of commercial atoxigenic biological control products
Voices from food and feed industries 
  • Lorenzo Serra, Italy, SYNGENTA – AdepidynTM: step change to control a broad range of Fusarium species (To Be Confirmed) 
  • Luca Alinovi, Kenya AFLAZERO LTD – The circular economy solution to aflatoxin: Transforming toxic crops into healthy food and feed 
  • Anneliese Mueller, Austria, BIOMIN, – BIOMIN contribution to mycotoxin risk mitigation 
  • Olga Averkieva, France, ADISSEO – ADISSEO a global leader in animal nutrition – With a comprehensive range of feed additives and services
Food and feed Remediation & Processing 
  • Michelangelo Pascale, Italy – WP6 “Mycotoxin remediation: main outcomes from the Mycokey project”, including Q&A 
  • Vito D’Ascanio, Italy – Development of a new bio-organoclay for mycotoxin decontamination: in vitro and in vivo evidence 
  • Yu-Cai Liao, China – Detoxification of deoxynivalenol in wheat by bacteria and enzymes 
  • Michele Suman, Italy – The Influence of Processing Parameters on the Mitigation of Deoxynivalenol during Industrial Baking  
S6 – Modelling & ICT Solutions 
  • Paola Battilani, Italy – Modelling as useful tool for mycotoxin management in the field
  • Theo van Der Lee, The Netherlands – MycoKey app: an ICT solution to facilitate mitigation of mycotoxin risks
Voices from food and feed industries 
  • Jog Raj, Serbia, PATENT CO – PATENT CO DOO- Company pitch and mycotoxins related activities at PATENT CO. 
  • Virginie Marquis, France, PHILEO-LESAFFRE – Efficacy assessment and protective effect of yeast fractions in reducing the negative impact of mycotoxins in animals. 
  • Marie-Clarisse Techer, France, MIXSCIENCE – Biological detoxification of zearalenone by Bacillus subtilis strains 
  • Gerardo Morantes, Switzerland, BUHLER AG – Advanced grain cleaning solutions for mycotoxin reduction
  • Rudolf Krska, Austria – The impact of integrated management strategies as proposed by MyToolBox to control mycotoxins in the food supply chain 
  • Alessio Bacchielli, Italy – European Commission, Belgium – Green Deal Call: from farm to fork 14:30 Frans Verstraete, Belgium – European Commission, Belgium – EU policy on mycotoxins in feed and food: Update and outlook CONFERENCE CLOSING 
  • Antonio F. Logrieco, Italy, Closing remarks of the Conference INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MYCOTOXICOLOGY MEETING 
  • General Assembly – ISM Board: Rudolf Krska, Austria, Antonio Moretti, Italy; Sarah De Saeger, Belgium, Antonio F. Logrieco, Italy Communications and future perspectives

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