VIRTUAL EVENT: The global Farmer Innovation Fair (FIF).

10–11 February 2021. 13:00-17:00 CET . The global Farmer Innovation Fair (FIF). Organised by Prolinnova and A Growing Culture (AGC).

This virtual event will give men and women farmers in Africa and Asia a chance to showcase their innovations and to learn about the activities of others in local innovation and farmer-led Participatory Innovation Development (PID).
The international Prolinnova network developed the format of the FIF to bring together farmer innovators to share their knowledge and new ideas so as to inspire others engaged in agricultural research and development (ARD). It seeks to stimulate partnership to strengthen resilience to change. Broader audiences have the opportunity to understand the significance of farmers’ capacity to create solutions in response to new problems and opportunities.

The spotlight in the FIF is on the achievements and experiences of the farmer innovators. Some of them will present their work directly and individually or as group representatives, and some in conversations with other farmers and facilitators and/or in video clips. The two days of the global FIF will include several 30-minute sessions involving farmers, each session with a different thematic focus, interspersed with very brief inputs from other ARD actors about issues related to local innovation and PID.

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