WEBINAR: A Long Food Movement: transforming food systems by 2045

4 May 2021. @ 3 PM CEST. WEBINAR: A Long Food Movement: transforming food systems by 2045

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and rapidly declining soil fertility are critically damaging the health of people and the planet, dislocating societies, and threatening food systems around the world. Around 820 million people are hungry and upwards of 2 billion lack regular access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food.

The world’s five corporate titans all deal in intangible data and have a market valuation that exceeds the GDP of entire continents. The new biodigital giants are now primed for the next step: unleashing big data and digital DNA into the world’s pharmacies, food markets, and financial systems.

The Long Food Movement considers what food systems could look like by 2045 if (agri)business-as-usual is allowed to run its course. We also imagine what could happen if, instead, the initiative is reclaimed by civil society and social movements. We consider what this Long Food Movement could achieve if it succeeds in thinking decades ahead, collaborating across sectors, scales, and strategic differences, working with governments and pressuring them to act, and transforming financial flows, governance structures, and food systems from the ground up.

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IPES-Food & ETC Group (2021). A Long Food Movement:Transforming Food Systems by 2045. 176 pp.

The IPES-Food and Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration have issued a joint report warning of a “corporate tidal wave” threatening food security and the environment. Handing over systems and supply chains to bio-digital firms and data platforms could run the risk of turning resources and food supplies into “strategic assets” controlled by a few corporations.30 March 2021 – The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) has released a new report in collaboration with the ETC Group: ‘A Long Food Movement: Transforming Food Systems by 2045’.

  • It maps out two very different futures for food systems, people and the planet. First, what do the next 25 years have in store under “agribusiness-as-usual”? The keys of the food system are handed over to data platforms, private equity firms, and e-commerce giants, putting the food security of billions at the mercy of high-risk, AI-controlled farming systems, and accelerating environmental breakdown.
  • But what if the initiative is reclaimed by civil society and social movements – from grassroots organizations to international NGOs, from farmers’ and fishers’ groups to cooperatives and unions? The report imagines what a ‘Long Food Movement’ could achieve by 2045 if these movements succeed in collaborating more closely – to transform financial flows, governance structures and food systems from the ground up.

Read the Executive Summary: EN | FR | ES

Read the Full Report: EN

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Press release EN | Communiqué de presse FR | Comunicado de prensa ES

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