WEBINAR: Accelerating sustainable supply chains in Europe: The case of palm oil

20 January 2021. In the first half of this decade the first landscape approaches emerged as an alternative to supply chain approaches. The real challenge is to identify HOW we build on the lessons learned to take the best of both worlds. We need to cooperate to transition business and society behind a clean, resilient and inclusive future.

This webinar explored the current thinking around sustainable value chains, and we invite you to join us on this journey to help lead the clean and just transition.

  • Philippe ThiryOwner Aigremont 
  • Eva De BleekerSecretary of State for the Budget and Consumer Rights Federal Government, Belgium 
  • Andri Hadi Ambassador Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Brussels 
  • Salima Kempenaer International Relations Officer – Multilateral and Strategic Affairs Belgium, DG Environment 
  • Jelmen Haaze Secretary General BASP Babasola Olajide Program Manager Palm Oil (NI-SCOPS) IDH 
  • Christoph Vanderstricht Expert Circular Economy & Shared Value Creation PwC Horacio Alemán Secretary General Spanish Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil

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