WEBINAR: Adaptive Approaches for Food System Sustainability in Nigeria

4 February 2021Adaptive Approaches for Food System Sustainability in Nigeria

Convened by: Community Action For Food Security, and Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network

Curator: Azeez Salawu, Executive Director, Community Action For Food Security

Food systems in Nigeria are highly crucial in ensuring sustainable production and supply of food that are safe, affordable and also accessible to her teeming population. 

  • The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the climatic disruption experienced in 2020 posed enough threats to the food system across the value chain especially the small scale farmers production, processing and access to market which resulted in hike in food prices. 
  • Thus, there is an urgent need to address better, inclusive and sustainable food systems in Nigeria.

The dialogue aims to bring together top impact leaders, key influencers, multi-stakeholders and dynamic scholars, Public and Private sectors, Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organizations working collectively on improving the food systems in Nigeria. The objective of this event is to spark up critical discussions, inspire, engage, network, connect and also form a formidable partnership that will be based on investing in Food and Nutrition Security leading to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Ms. Ayobami Kareemah Oladipo, Agriculture Project Manager, Data Analyst| Organic Farming at the HEDA Resources Centre

Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA Resources Centre) is a non-governmental organisation and non-partisan human rights and development league. The Centre conducts research, policy advocacy, training, as well as citizens’ awareness and mobilization on core human development issues, including agriculture, food security, climate change, human rights, public sector accountability and electoral reform processes.

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