WEBINAR: Advocating on transformational change for agri-food systems

16 November 2020. Advocating on transformational change for agri-food systems jointly organized by ACT-Alliance EU, Agroecology Europe, iPES-Food, FiBL and IFOAM Organics International.

The organizers have held a series of three virtual workshops with different geographical focus (Global, Asia-Africa, and Europe-Americas). After these workshops, they wanted to extend the discussion and open this debate to a wider audience.

The need for transformational change in global agri-food systems is now widely acknowledged. The concept of agroecology is more and more dominating the discourse about the future of agriculture. At the same time the steady growth of the organic market has a strong impact on the global development of standards and regulatory requirements. Alternative terms, such as regenerative agriculture, ecological organic agriculture and others approaches such as Zero Budget Natural Farming are being scaled-up significantly. These concepts have involved many actors who share the desire to “scale-up” transformational change initiatives to bring about resilient and sustainable agriculture and food systems.

  • Moderator: Emile Frison (IPES-FOOD)
  • Karin Ulmer (ACT-Alliance EU)
  • Paola Migliorini (Agroecology Europe)
  • Vijay Kumar (ZBNF)
  • Antonio Roman-Alcala (Agroecological Research Action Collective)
  • Louise Luttikholt (IFOAM – Organics International)
  • Yanna Muriel (INOFO)
  • Adrian Müller (FiBL)
  • Million Belay (AFSA)
  • André Leu (Regeneration International, tbc)

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