WEBINAR AFAAS: Digitalization of extension.

22 October 2020Digitalization of extension. Organised by AFAAS. Watch the video announcement here

Interactive radio, complemented by ICTs like IVR and other mobile phone technology, is the most effective and accessible way to reach farmers with timely agriculture extension messages at scale.

Multimodal methods, using Interactive radio in tandem with other digital approaches, have been proven to be effective in both building awareness of improved agricultural practices and supporting changes in practice. Furthermore, evidence has shown that interactive radio has the potential to strengthen the work of traditional extension workers and vice versa. Localized, thanks to the efforts of radio broadcasters, and flexible enough to respond to the individual questions of farmers in rural communities, interactive radio is a key tool in effective extension work, and ensures advisory services reach remote communities with accessible and easy to use information.

Farm Radio International is using their unique and effective interactive radio approaches to build and augment digital agriculture extension services across sub-Saharan Africa.

Staff from Farm Radio International presented their experience in developing effective interactive radio programs with their network of more than 1000 radio stations across the African continent. They shared experiences in integrating digital advisory services, including radio, directly into ministries of agriculture.


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