WEBINAR: Climate-Resilient Development & Transformative Food Systems in the Covid19 era

7 August 2020. @ 16:00 Nairobi (EAT) 15:00 Denmark (CET) 6:00 am LA (PST) 9:00 am Washington (EST) 21:00 Taiwan “Climate Change and Food, Health and Social Systems Resilience: Lessons Learned from Covid19 crisis”

These series of webinars on “Climate-Resilient Development & Transformative Food Systems in the Covid19 era” aim to provide a Solutions Space where stakeholders including civil society, scientists, UN and governments can share lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis, in a world already challenged by the impacts of Climate Change, Malnutrition and Inequity. 

Experts, innovators and visionaries will identify climate resilient development pathways, for transformative and equitable food systems, that can contribute to One Health Planetary Health and green, inclusive and healthy recovery. This session will showcase exemplary initiatives addressing current compounding risks and will identify short- and long-term strategies to build Health, Food and Social Systems Resilience during Covid19. 

  • Moderator: M. Cristina Tirado-von der Pahlen, IIPCC AR6 Lead Author Health & Wellbeing | LMU | SHE Foundation. 
  • Dr. Asha Mohamed, Secretary General of the Kenyan Red Cross Society 
  • Dr. Ming Nan Lin, Vice Superintendent, Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital 
  • Nate Wook, CEO, World Central Kitchen 
  • Federico Villatico Campbel, Strategic Advisor, CTCN

Previous webinars as part of these series include:
Climate-Resilient Development and Transformative Food Systems in the Covid19 era
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Planned webinars over the summer include:
Transformative and Equitable Food systems: towards One Health & Planetary Health
Transitioning into Sustainable and Healthy Diets
Growth after Covid19: A Just Transition.

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