WEBINAR: Developing Capacities for Agricultural Innovation Systems

WEBINAR: Developing Capacities for Agricultural Innovation Systems

16 November 2020. Developing Capacities for Agricultural Innovation Systems: Lessons from Implementing a Common Framework in 8 countries. Organised by: FAO’s Research and Extension Unit (OINR) and Agrinatura

In 2015, FAO and Agrinatura engaged together in the European Union funded Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) project (2015-2019) in order to test and operationalize this new way of thinking and acting, which puts human capital and capacities to innovate at the frontline of the support to agri-food system transformations.

Session 1: Successes and challenges for scaling capacities to innovate – lessons from CDAIS

  • R. Hawkins, International Centre for development-oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA)/Agrinatura: The CDAIS project in a nutshell
  • A. Toillier, FAO/French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)/Agrinatura: Which capacities were developed and how they contributed to agricultural innovation across the 8 countries
  • M. Bucciarelli, FAO: The importance of facilitated and evidence-based Policy dialogues for strengthening national AIS
  • R. Guillonnet, ICRA/Agrinatura: Successes and challenges for strengthening AIS through project-based approaches

Session 2: And now what? A call to action to make CDAIS results sustainable

  • R. Wahaab, ISS provider, ex-CDAIS innovation facilitator:Bangladesh: Challenges to developing Innovation Support Services for the agricultural sector in countries (example from Bangladesh and Burkina Faso)
  • S. Eshetu, PhD, Capacity and Institutional Development Specialist, African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS), ex-CDAIS innovation facilitator: Challenges for bringing together and coordinating organizations providing ISS at national level
  • O. Muhinda, Assistant FAO Representative Rwanda: Challenges to improving the policy environment for AIS and ways forward


  • Sum up and broader view from Agrinatura perspective: the LIFT support program to the EU-funded Desira Initiative

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