WEBINAR + DOCUMENTARY: Protecting Forests for Sustainable Livelihoods in Uganda

Jun 30, 2020. Our Forests Under Threat: Protecting Forests for Sustainable Livelihoods in Uganda

FAO North America and the National Geographic Society invite you to join a virtual film screening and roundtable focusing on how the global community can protect forests in order to sustain livelihoods. The session will explore challenges and solutions in balancing conservation goals with local needs and global demands for forest resources. A screening of a short film titled, How Sustainable Plantations Help Save Uganda’s Decimated Forests, produced by James Thomson, will precede the discussion.

  • Vimlendra Sharan, Director, FAO North America
  • James Thomson, Director, MELT FILMS
  • Kathy Abusow, President & CEO, Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Mette Wilkie, Director, Forestry Policy & Resources Division, FAO
  • Huma Khan, Global Communications Lead for Forests, WWF International
  • Alex Kyabawampi, Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Programme Manager, The New Forests Company, Uganda
  • Vanessa Serrao, Executive Producer, National Geographic Society (Moderator)

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