WEBINAR: Food and Agricultural Trade in the New Policy Environment

8 December 2020Food and Agricultural Trade in the New Policy Environment. How Can WTO members Support Economic Recovery and Resilience?

This event was the third of a series of events on the same topic, each with a regional perspective. The events organized by IFPRI and IISD cover Africa, Asia, and Latin America. For more information on the Regional Series of Dialogues check out this page (in English and in French).

With the World Trade Organization’s next Ministerial Conference postponed due to the pandemic, both the substance and process of talks in Geneva on updating the global trade rulebook have been affected, amid ongoing tensions between major economies. As governments revisit their priorities in this new context, it is important that they engage with different constituencies in their regions and beyond to ensure that negotiating strategies reflect an inclusive vision of public policy goals—one that can contribute to economic recovery and improve resilience to future food system shocks.

    Moderator: Jonathan Hepburn, Senior Policy Advisor, IISD

  • David Laborde, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI
  • Elizabeth Nderitu, Senior Regional Manager, TradeMark East Africa
  • Doaa Abdel-Motaal, WTO Division on Agriculture and Commodities
  • Elizabeth Nsimadala, President of the Pan Africa Farmers Organization (PAFO) and the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF).

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