WEBINAR: Food Production and Marketing in a Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities for the Caribbean

11 June 2020 Food Production and Marketing in a Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities for the Caribbean. The 10th FAO regional COVID-19 webinar co-organized with the CARICOM Secretariat focused on the ways in which technology can boost agrifood systems, and improve production and distribution in Caribbean countries.

This initiative is part of the agreement made between 11 international organizations present in the region to coordinate their actions and provide technical support to governments in order to keep agri-food trade alive, expand social protection systems, reach common sanitary and phytosanitary standards, and increase intraregional trade.

  • Opening remarks by Julio Berdegué, Assistant Director-General of FAO and Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, 
  • Keithlin Caroo, Founder of Helen’s Daughters, St. Lucia 
  • Danelia Doyle, Project Manager at Farm Credibly, Jamaica 
  • Keron Bascombe, creator of TECH4Agri, Trinidad y Tobago 
  • Lorenzo Harewood, Farmfinder Global, Barbados 

Authorities and experts posed questions following the presentations:

  • Clarence Rambharat, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Trinidad and Tobago • Jose Alpuche, CEO, Ministry of Agriculture, Belize 
  • Sylvester Cadette, International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
  • Keith Agoada, Co-founder and CEO at Producers Market 
  • Closing comments by Renata Clarke, FAO Sub-regional Coordinator for the Caribbean (SLC). Speakers: 

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