WEBINAR: Food Safety Regulations: Know Your Way

9 December 2020. Food Safety Regulations: Know Your Way Organised by IFC (the International
Finance Cooperation) Food Safety team.

The IFC food safety team organizes regular learning sessions via webinar with professionals and industry experts to share practical solutions that have been applied in emerging markets. 

World Food Safety Regulations, Chapter 2 of the Food Safety Handbook. 

  • what you need to know to enter new markets, 
  • how knowledge of Codex Alimentarius tools can ease your communication with trade partners. Y
  • basics of food safety regulations in the European Union and the United States, 
  • joint approaches toward food safety legislation worldwide.

Successful stories from food exporters and first-hand tips from national policymakers on the importance of knowing the rules that guide international food trade, and how harmonization of national legislation with best world standards can help your food business to grow internationally and in the national market.

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