WEBINAR: Guiding agricultural investments for higher impact

24 February 2021. International Food Policy Research institute (IFPRI) and CGIAR launched the Agricultural Investment Data Analyzer tool (AIDA). 

AIDA is a one-of-a-kind tool, developed by IFAD and IFPRI, designed to help agricultural investments achieve higher impact. AIDA’s 360-degree economy analysis and evaluation tools will help improve the efficiency, effectiveness and scaling up of rural development policies and projects. Analyses based on AIDA’s evaluations will influence the design and prioritization of policies and investments intended to help poor rural people overcome poverty. In particular, AIDA will support IFAD and its partners in the design and impact assessment of national strategies and rural investment projects. It also enables analysts in participating countries to perform policy simulations and evaluations. To date, AIDA has been launched in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Yemen. It will be scaled up to include other countries.
  • Meike van Ginneken, Associate Vice-President, Strategy and Knowledge Department, IFAD
  • Dina Saleh, Regional Director, a.i. Near East, North Africa and Europe Division, IFAD
  • Channing Arndt, Director of Environment and Production Technology Division, IFPRI
  • Martien Van Nieuwkoop, Global Director for Agriculture and Food, World Bank Group


  • James Thurlow, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI
  • Moderator: Thoodan Al-Eryani, Programme Analyst, IFAD
  • Mohamed El-Kersh, Assistant to the Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Egypt
  • Zouhair El Kadhi, International Macro-Fiscal Advisor and Former Director of the Tunisian Institute of Competitive and Quantitative Studies (ITCEQ)
  • Athur Mabiso, Senior Technical Specialist, Research and Impact Division, IFAD
  • Christian Derlagen, Project Manager & Senior Economist, FAO
  • Clemens Breisinger, MENA Program Leader and Senior Research Associate, IFPRI
  • Donald Brown, Associate Vice-President, Programme Management Department, IFAD
  • Event Moderator: Gladys H. Morales, Senior Innovation Consultant, Change, Delivery and Innovation Unit, IFAD

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