WEBINAR: How Covid-19 calls for an alliance for financing

WEBINAR: How Covid-19 calls for an alliance for financing

29 June 2020How Covid-19 calls for an alliance for financing. In its Communication on the global response the pandemic, the EU announced that the mobilisation of €15.6 billion from existing external actions will allow its action to be “fast, adapted and operational”.

Blended finance and guarantee funds (and in particular the EFSD) should play a significant role in the Team Europe response, as they will allow to leverage new financial resources. The EIB will contribute €5.2 billion to the EU response to COVID-19 outside the EU.

The DFI Alliance (US, Canada and European DFIs) announced their joint efforts to mobilise financial resources and bring technical expertise to private sector enterprises in emerging and frontier markets.

This webinar, which was the third of a series organised by DAI and ECDPM, brought together Development specialists, DFIs and FinTechs, to explore and compare various instruments and mechanisms implemented by EU Member states and international donors.

  • Intro and facilitation: San Bilal, Head of Programme Trade, Investment and Finance, ECDPM –  Team Europe’s response, the EU blending and guarantee mechanisms and the critical role DFIs can play. Importance to mobilise at scale and de-risk financing.
  • Catherine Collin, Head of Regional Representation, East Africa, European Investment Bank (EIB) – How the EIB response to Covid-19 is operationalised with local partners.
  • Soren Andreasen, General Manager, European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) – DFI Alliance, and collaboration among DFIs on COVID-response.
  • Tillman Bruett, Global practice lead, Financial Services and Investment, DAI – How the USAID funded INVEST programme is adapting and supporting investment work including the health sector.

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