WEBINAR: impact on international nutrition by Martin J. Forman (USAID)

10 December 2020. Seizing Opportunity from the Jaws of Crisis: A Playbook for Nutrition. Organised by IFPRI

Global nutrition priorities, financing, and governance have evolved significantly over the last two decades. The translation of scientific evidence and cross-sector program data and experience has played a leading role in this evolution. But evidence alone is insufficient to stimulate broad-based action and enduring nutrition change.

  • Johan Swinnen, Director General, IFPRI
  • Remarks – Kenan Forman, Son of Martin J. Forman
  • Shawn Baker, Chief Nutritionist, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Ellen Piwoz Ellen Piwoz addressed how the global nutrition community strategically used data and evidence to spur collective action and investment, emphasizing the period from 2008 to the present. Lessons from efforts to reframe nutrition problems, consequences, and solutions were discussed along with personal reflections on what should be avoided or done differently in the future to ensure that nutrition remains a global priority.
  • Moderator – Marie Ruel, Director, Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division, IFPRI 

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