WEBINAR: Investing in safe trade systems to protect health and market access

24 March 2021 Investing in safe trade systems to protect health and market access
Webinar organized by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF). Please register through this link. This webinar is organized as part of WTO’s Aid-for-Trade COVID-19 Stocktaking Event. Recently, the STDF also issued a new short film “Shaping a safer world“, which explains why it matters to invest in food safety, animal and plant health, and trade.

COVID-19 has provided a clear reminder of the ease and speed at which pests and diseases can spread worldwide, and of the inter-connectedness of global supply chains. Protecting food safety and animal and plant health across borders as a global public good is now more important than ever. With food security and livelihoods already under pressure, developing countries have been hit hardest by the pandemic, threatening to undo progress achieved in economic growth and poverty reduction. Building their resilience will require long-term investments in sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) capacity. Action is needed to establish new partnerships between governments and private sector to meet international standards and go digital with new technology to cut down on unnecessary trade costs.

This STDF event with agriculture, health, trade and development experts discussed how we should invest in safe trade systems and scale up assistance for developing countries to support economic recovery.

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