WEBINAR: Landscape Roundtable: Insights from The African Landscape Action Plan

June 2020.  Landscape Roundtable: Insights from The African Landscape Action Plan. The Landscape Roundtable is part of an on-going series of discussions focusing on climate change, agriculture and landscapes. EcoAgriculture Partners and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Liaison Office for North America have jointly organized the series since 2009.

Recording forthcoming

The soon to be released Phase 3 of the African Landscape Action Plan (ALAP), lays out a strategy for achieving sustainable development in Africa through integrated landscape management (ILM).

African leaders of the November 2019 African Landscape Dialogue in Arusha, Tanzania, provided insights on recent progress and the recommendations for action developed during the Dialogue, around landscape partnerships and governance, achieving biodiversity conservation and climate-smart agriculture through ILM, business and finance, land use planning, and policy.

  • The November Dialogue, convened in Arusha, Tanzania, was the third in a series of Africa-

    wide dialogues among local leaders of integrated landscape partnerships and others working with them to share innovations and lessons from the field, convened by the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature initiative. 

  • The first, held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2014, generated the initial African Landscapes Action Plan, which was endorsed by the African Union. 
  • The second Dialogue, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2017, produced an updated ALAP Phase 2.
  • Recommendations of the African Landscapes Action Plan, Phase 3 (biographies of the speakers can be found here)

    • African Landscapes Dialogue and Overview of the ALAP process: Louise Buck (EcoAgriculture Partners / Cornell University)
    • Climate-smart agriculture through ILM: John Recha (CCAFS/SANREM Africa)
    • Biodiversity conservation through ILM: John Ajjugo (Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network, HoA-REC and N)
    • Business and market development for ILM: Nancy Rapando (Solidaridad East Africa)
    • Landscape finance: Mao Amis (African Centre for a Green Economy, AfriCGE)
    • Inclusion of women and youth in integrated landscape management: Njeri Kimotho (Solidaridad East Africa)
    • Land-use planning for landscape development: Stephen Nindi (National Land Use Planning Commission, NLUPC,Tanzania)
    • FAO collaboration in advancing the ALAP in Tanzania: Mponda Malozo (FAO in Tanzania)
    • National policy to support ILM in Africa: Luc Gnacadja (former Minister of Environment, Housing, Urban and Regional Development of Benin; former Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification)

    The People’s Agroecology Process emerged in 2015 as a grassroots-led initiative to scale out agroecology in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. It was inspired by the work of allied organizations involved in the transnational peasant and small-scale farmer movement, La Via Campesina—the world’s largest rural social movement with over 200 million members in more than 80 countries. In our collective, we believe that agroecology has the power to mobilize and inspire millions to take back the land, seeds and food appropriated and controlled by transnational corporations.

    This publication summarizes the overarching framework, practices and experiences of the protagonists of the People’s Agroecology Process. It is not a step-by-step manual, nor does it intend to be a comprehensive response to the many questions facing our movements.

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