WEBINAR: Publishing Agricultural Development Research in Social Science Journals

24 November 2020. Publishing Agricultural Development Research in Social Science Journals.

While there are many important ways to disseminate findings from agricultural development research, publishing in reputable, peer reviewed journals is particularly important for researchers as a means to not only showcase their work but also solicit peer input, gauge how their own work compares with that of others, and enhance options for career advancement.

Deciding where to submit articles is a difficult choice, especially for early career researchers. There is now an almost bewildering array of journals in almost every field. But all journals are not the same: they reach different audiences, with different business models, impact factors, and prestige. What are the factors one should take into consideration while deciding on a journal? What do editors really want? What makes editors decide what to desk reject and what to send out for review? How should one handle referee comments? What types of peer review are most useful—to editors, to authors, and to reviewers themselves?

This event will be a series of three webinars to

  1. address questions on the journal publication landscape, 
  2. provide advice from journal editors, and 
  3. discuss writing and responding to referee reports.
The Journal Publication Landscape 
This webinar, the 1st in the series, provides an overview of the publication process, reviews the overall landscape of journal publishing, and shares guidance on selecting a journal, including: 

  1. Assessing journal audience, impact factors, and reputation 
  2. Gated, open-access and hybrid business models 
  3. How to distinguish predatory journals 
  4. Overview of the process, from submission to publication, with tips for each stage 
  5. Journal special issues.

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