Webinar: Running farmer field schools and field-based activities in times of COVID-19

Farmers wear masks during a Farmer Field School session
on COVID-19 prevention in Malanje Province, Lombe community.
Angola has very few cases of COVID-19, and FAO together
with the Angolan government, is working to keep it that way

24 June 2020. Webinar: Running farmer field schools and field-based activities in times of COVID-19 Organized by the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS), Eastern Africa Hub and the Global Farmer Field School Platform from FAO’s Plant Production and Protection Division (AGP). Co-organized with the Resilient Food Systems Programme (RFS). 

This webinar discussed:

  • Introductory remarks by the Eastern Africa Field School Support Hub, hosted by AFAAS
  • Discover FAO Angola’s communication campaign with posters on basic precaution measures for FFS
  • How this campaign became global and used across the world by FFS practitioners
  • The work of the global farmer field school platform to support the FFS community in times of COVID-19
  • Basic precaution measures and key considerations when running an FFS
  • Suggested FFS activities on COVID-19 and how to implement them


  • Catia Marinheiro, Communication Officer – FAO Angola 
    FAO’s focus in Angola is to strengthen livelihoods and food security. This is especially important in times of crisis, like this one. Though Angola has so far recorded only a small number of positive COVID-19 cases, it is paramount that the disease is kept at bay, both for the health of the population and to limit the impact that restrictions on movements and other preventive measures have on livelihoods. FAO, the Ministry of Agriculture and the World Health Organization’s information campaign aims to reach 1 million rural families in Angola.
  • Anne-Sophie Poisot, Lead Technical Officer, FAO Plant Production and Protection Division (AGP).

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