WEBINAR: Shining a Brighter Light: Comprehensive Evidence on Adoption and Diffusion of CGIAR-Related Innovations in Ethiopia

21 January 2021. Shining a Brighter Light: Comprehensive Evidence on Adoption and Diffusion of CGIAR-Related Innovations in Ethiopia

See the recording: https://worldbankgroup.webex.com/recordingservice/sites/worldbankgroup/recording/373575178f20446db4c2430022b59662/playback

This webinar discussed implications for the design and targeting of rural interventions aiming to enhance the adoption of agricultural innovations. Farmers are critical consumers who can be offered a portfolio of possible innovations to fit heterogeneous needs. The webinar also discussed what it takes to collect this kind of rich data on agricultural innovations, the importance of partnerships for better data, and introduced some frontier topics on measurement that have broad applicability for monitoring of agricultural development projects.

  • Chair: Martien Van Nieuwkoop, Global Director, Agriculture and Food Global Practice, The World Bank
  • Opening remarks: Doina Petrescu, Operations Manager, Ethiopia CMU
  • Speaker: Karen Macours, Chaired Paris School of Economics Professor, Research Director INRAE; Chair, SPIA (Standing Panel on Impact Assessment), CGIAR: Shining a brighter light: Data-driven evidence on adoption and diffusion of agricultural innovations in Ethiopia: Can we measure the impact of agricultural research and innovations?

  • Discussant: Dr. Feto Esimo, Director General, Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research
  • Discussant: Gero Carletto, Manager, Development Data Group, The World Bank
  • Discussant: Vikas Choudhary, Senior Economist, Agriculture and Food Global Practice, The World Bank

Kosmowski, F., Alemu, S., Mallia, P., Stevenson, J., Macours, K. (2020). Shining a Brighter Light: Comprehensive Evidence on Adoption and Diffusion of CGIAR-Related Innovations in Ethiopia. Rome: Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA). 144 pages

You can also download a 2-page brief

Ethiopia is a hotspot of international agricultural research collaboration, with almost all of the centers of CGIAR being represented in Addis Ababa and working in partnership with the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research. CGIAR compiled comprehensive information on the past two decades of CGIAR research activities in Ethiopia, and this ‘stocktaking’ exercise was used to identify specific innovations which are potentially disseminated at scale.

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CGIAR’s contribution to Ethiopia’s agricultural development is complex and wide-ranging, and while some aspects cannot be captured by survey data, this new source of adoption and diffusion data, and the summary report that accompanies it, help to identify the scale and scope of CGIAR’s reach in Ethiopia. Looking ahead, SPIA’s experience in Ethiopia demonstrates the potential of this approach in other countries where CGIAR works.

By presenting representative estimates of the reach of a range of agricultural innovations together in a single survey, it shows that in aggregate, innovations often do reach the types of household that CGIAR researchers target, with substantial adoption among smallholders, poor households, and young and female farmers. There is substantial heterogeneity across the innovations in the portfolio, with those innovations most widely diffused (soil and water conservation; improved maize varieties; crossbred chickens) being closely linked to supportive government policies.

  • Karen Macours, Chair, CGIAR Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (20 mins)
  • Alan Tollervey – Head of Agricultural Research, FCDO, UK
  • Kundhavi Kadiresan – Managing Director, Global Engagement and Innovation, CGIAR
  • Douglas Gollin – Professor of Development Economics, University of Oxford
  • Mandefro Nigussie – State Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia (Formerly Director General of EIAR)

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