WEBINAR: Sustainable Brewing & Drinks in Africa

WEBINAR: Sustainable Brewing & Drinks in Africa

15 October 2020. The AFMASS Food Expo Sustainable Brewing & Drinks in Africa webinar will

delve into how the alcoholic and soft beverages sector in Africa has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the future outlook of the industry, including in the following key areas:

  • Operations & Trade Outlookthe future outlook of the alcoholic and soft beverage sector in Africa; and how the pandemic has and will impact local, regional and international trade.
  • Technology & Innovations Outlook: some of the latest technologies and innovations that alcoholic and soft beverage companies in Africa can adopt to mitigate the risks brought by the pandemic now and into the future to improve nutritional profile of their products while enhancing efficiency and profitability of their operations.
  • Sustainability Outlook: ideas, technologies and practices that can boost sustainability throughout the supply chain in the alcoholic and soft beverage industry in Africa during and post Covid-19
  • Investments Outlook: the possible impacts of the Covid-19 on the investments environment in the brewing and drinks industry in Africa; and possible strategies to attract investments and financing into the industry during the pandemic and beyond.
  • Regulatory Outlook: the guidelines and regulations that the alcoholic and soft beverage industry may institute to improve personnel safety, consumer health and the industry’s sustainability for the future.
  • DUNCAN KIMANI Director of Manufacturing – Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, Ethiopia 
  • APIWE NXUSANI-MAWELAFounder & BrewMaster – Brewsters Craft, South Africa 
  • OLADAPO O. LOTOBrewing, Beverages & Distilling Consultant – Applied Brewing Solutions, Nigeria 
  • NITIN MENON Group General Manager – Sayona Fruits, Tanzania 
  • ALEX CHAPPATTEFounder – Savannah Brands, Kenya 
  • ENAUT ANDERSONSales Director, Africa – Global Water & Energy

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