WEBINAR: The future of research for development: building resilient food, land and water systems

12 October 2020. Side Event at the Borlaug Dialogue | The Future of Research for Development: Building Resilient Food, Land and Water Systems (14:45 CEST)

This event introduced and invited feedback on the CGIAR 2030 Research Strategy and partnership opportunities in the transition to One CGIAR. 
  1. Gain a better understanding of One CGIAR and the opportunities for renewed partnerships that it provides, based on shared visions and common agendas for food security and nutrition; and 
  2. Influence the type of research that CGIAR will do as it develops its new research portfolio to address the emerging challenges in food, land and water systems.
  • Opening remarks by the Chair Patrick Caron University of Montpellier
  • Introduction to One CGIAR and the CGIAR 2030 Research Strategy Claudia Sadoff CGIAR System Organization
  • Feedback from the perspectives of nutrition and food systems Lawrence Haddad GAIN
  • Feedback from the perspectives of gender equality and women’s empowerment Jemimah Njuki IDRC
  • Feedback linking to CGIAR’s contribution to the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) Kanayo Nwanze CGIAR Special Representative to the UNFSS

CGIAR will take part in several high-level roundtables and side events this year, focusing on the contribution of CGIAR science and innovation to building food systems that are resilient and sustainable, and meet the food and nutrition needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations. See the full schedule of (free) events, including registration details, here

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