WEBINAR: The importance of data and new technologies for climate security

18 June 2020. 16:00 PM. WEBINAR: CGIAR webinar series on climate security – The importance of data and new technologies for climate security.

Recent advances in ICTs and IoT has made many new data sets available. This, coupled with improved capacities in data processing, machine learning and spatial analysis has opened doors to new types of analysis for research and monitoring.

This session discussed how these capacities can be leveraged to shed light on the drivers of climate security. The speakers shared examples of how these advancements have been able to inform more accurate decisions in conflict analysis processes.

  • Andy Jarvis (Speaker) Associate Director General, Alliance Bioversity CIAT
  • Enrica Porcari (Speaker) Chief Information Officer and Director of Technology, WFP
  • Elisabeth Gilmore (Speaker) Environmental Science and Policy Program in the Department of International Development, Community and Environment at Clark University (Associate Professor), Peace Research Institute Oslo (Senior Associate Researcher), International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (Visiting Scientist)
  • Maarten van Aalst (Speaker) International Federation of Red Cross Climate Centre, Director
  • Mark Goldberg (Moderator) Host, Global Dispatches Podcast
  • Grazia Pacillo (Moderator) Senior Economist, CGIAR Climate Security

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