WEBINAR: The Next Generation of Africa Europe Relations, with Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen

30 June 2020. As part of its ‘Debating Africa-EU’ series, Friends of Europe is organising a debate on how to reset Africa-Europe relations with European Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen and Aya Chebbi, African Union Special Envoy on Youth.

As Africa and Europe seek to re-set their partnership, Friends of Europe is engaging with its partners across both continents about the long-term vision, as well as the diverging and converging issues at the heart of this established cooperation. Africa and Europe have a shared interest in accelerating work on the global agenda for sustainable development and facing together a climate emergency. The Covid-19 crisis is exposing the lack of resilience on the fundamentals of life (water, food, health, energy) and the urgency to rethink our common future as Africa and Europe.

Through its “Debating Africa-EU” series, Friends of Europe is focused on engaging its partners and the new EU College of Commissioners around their vision and priorities for EU-Africa cooperation. The series has been timed to take place in the run-up to the EU-Africa Union Summit 2020. 

Speakers: a strategic focus on how to “reset Africa-Europe relations”
  • Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner for International Partnerships,  
  • Aya Chebbi, African Union Youth Envoy (cancelled due to poor connection) replaced by Dr. Amani Abou-Zeid – AUC Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy 
  • Mo Ibrahim, The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is an African foundation, established in 2006 with one focus: the critical importance of governance and leadership for Africa.

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