WEBINAR: The role of food fortification within the nutrition value chain

3 September 2020. Webinar: The role of food fortification within the nutrition value chain

The Power of Nutrition and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be hosting a joint roundtable focussing on current themes in food fortification, including the effectiveness of interventions in improving health and the role of the private sector in achieving impact. Thsi webinar also discussed the role of key actors in delivering food fortification programmes and key factors in implementing them at scale.

Around 21% of the world’s population face childhood stunting, with numbers forecast to skyrocket as a result of COVID-19. It is incredibly important to have this conversation while countries are planning their response to the pandemic, which has worsened existing frailties in nutrition systems.

The roundtable convened an audience of private sector investors and corporations, government representatives, NGOs, and multilateral agencies for an interactive conversation between webinar participants.


  • Martin Short, CEO, The Power of Nutrition
  • Andreas Bluethner, Director, Nutrition, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


  • Yannick Foing, Global Director, Nutrition Improvement, DSM
  • Samuel Musyoka, Quality Assurance Manager, Mandela Millers, Uganda
  • Jessica Nworgu, Quality Control Manager, Flour Mills Nigeria
  • Indriani Gunawan, Chief Executive Director of PT Nutrindo Interfarma Sejahtera, Indonesia
  • Prof. Soekirman, Founder of Indonesia Nutrition Foundation for Food Fortification
  • Moderator: Nada Elhusseiny, Technical Advisor, Egypt and North Africa at Food Fortification Initiative


Tokyo | December 2021. N4G Summit 2021
The flagship N4G Summit will be hosted by the Government of Japan in December 2021. The event will convene a cross-section of stakeholders to announce final financial and policy commitments and chart the path toward 2030 with concrete recommendations to the global community.

2021 Vision and Roadmap

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