WEBINAR: Uganda – Agribusiness Investments One Year into the Pandemic

28 April 2021.Agribusiness Investments One Year into the Pandemic: Where Are We Now?

Building on the success of CASA’s “Rethinking Agribusiness Investments Through the Pandemic” webinar series, which took place in April and May 2020, the programme organised a webinar to discuss the reality on the ground after a year of COVID-19. 
The panel unpacked the impact of the pandemic on investment in and performance of agricultural value chains in Africa; and discuss the next challenges on the horizon.

  • Sami Khan, CDC Group Plc, discuss how the pandemic has impacted on DFI investment and the performance of agricultural value chains in Africa. He also explored the challenges on the horizon, and how investors could… more
  • Dr Martin Fregene, African Development Bank, explored how the pandemic has impacted on agricultural value chains in Africa and the most appropriate responses investors can make.
  • Sheila K Mugyenzi, Uganda Investment Authority, evaluated how the pandemic has impacted the performance of, and investment in, the agricultural sector in Uganda.
Background: About CASA Webinars 

The CASA Agri-Business Breakthrough Webinars series of webinars will feature evidence and analysis by the CASA programme and partners to support the commercialisation of agriculture in emerging markets across the developing world. 
  • The series is aimed at investors, investor supporting institutions and a range of groups that have a direct impact on the investor climate for agri-business. 
  • The topics and design of the series showcase solutions to the most common challenges in agri-business for inclusive growth and support investment facilitation in agriculture in emerging markets.
  • Each webinar lasts 60 minutes and take place on the last Wednesday of the month.

Webinar 1: Stronger, Greener and Fairer Recovery: The Investment Response

28 October 2020, This webinar featured evidence on the impact of concessional finance and the role of government in agri-financing.

Webinar 2: Stronger, Greener and Fairer Recovery: Beyond the Deal

25 November 2020, This webinar featured reports on rethinking concessional finance and investor T/A.

Webinar 3: The under-served middle in agriculture investing 

27 January 2021. The underserved middle represents a diverse range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at all stages of the value chain. This webinar featured up-to-date analysis & calculations of the looming financing gap for producers.

Webinar 4: Delivering on Regional Agricultural Trade: Considerations for Investors on Inclusive Supply Chains

24 February 2021. This event explored the different dimensions agri-finance providers need to take account of to promote inclusivity in regional trade.

Webinar 5: Making Inclusivity Work: A role for legal empowerment

31 March 2021. This webinar discussed recommendations for capital providers to achievesustainable investments in commercial agriculture that promote inclusivity of smallholder farmers in value chains in developing countries. The session featured reports from the Empowering Producers in Commercial Agriculture programme on working with farmer groups.

The session featured reports from the Empowering Producers in Commercial Agriculture programme on working with farmer groups, including:


  • Ben Bowie UK-based non-profit, TMP Public. 
  • Kumvana Mlumbe is legal manager at Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC) in Malawi. 
  • Grahame Dixie is the executive director of Grow Asia. He served as the World Bank’s lead agribusiness advisor,
  • Emily Polack is a senior researcher in the Legal Tools Team at IIED. 
  • Alice Chapple (moderator) is CASA’s investment adviser and she established Impact Value in October 2012. 

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