WEBINARS: African Food technology enterprises and COVID-19: an opportunity to process new nutritional (affordable?) food

30 September 2020The AFMASS Food Expo Virtual Seminar series brings together the key

stakeholders from the food industry supply chain in Africa – including farmers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and hospitality operators; suppliers of technologies and innovations; Government agencies; academic and research institutes and NGO/development organisations to define the future of food industry in the Continent.

  • The seminars are a series of African-focused online discussions that highlight some of the opportunities, challenges and trends in the Continent’s food manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries.
  • By utilising online platforms to reach its audience within Africa and beyond, the platforms shape the future of the food industry and its associated value chains – giving opportunities for key stakeholders to contribute in defining this future in a more informed manner.
  • The Virtual Seminars are addressed by leading private sector managers and investors; Government officials, academicians, consultants and other key knowledge persons from within Africa and internationally.
  • They are a continuation of our African-industry focused AFMASS Food Expo and other conferences and exhibitions that have been taking place across Africa since 2015. Since 2015, more than 20,000 visitors and delegates have attended AFMASS Food Expos in Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania, with plans to host the events in more African countries in future, including Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana. The events have become sub-Saharan Africa’s most important food industry events.

These Virtual Seminars, a first in the Continent, are key to unlocking the opportunities in Africa, while utilising the powerful advantages of the Internet – hence enabling the attendance of thousands of people from within and beyond Africa – breaking barriers of distance and time, which are a key hindrance to knowledge transfer in Africa.

16 July 2020. Reinventing Food Safety & Compliance in Africa post Covid-19

No other pandemic had impacted Africa’s food industry supply chain than the Covid-19 pandemic and many stakeholders were concerned with how to respond to the pandemic, in terms of their food safety, personnel safety and other compliance requirements. This Webinar provided new perspectives and solutions to key stakeholders in Africa to the challenges that the food industry was facing during the pandemic – and how they could take advantage of the opportunities out of the crisis.
  • Robert Kilonzo Deputy Director, Food Safety – Ministry of Health, Kenya George Akida Exports Manager – Africado Ltd, Tanzania 
  • Esther MutheeFood Safety Consultant – Hospitality Industry, Rwanda Beatrice Opiyo Program Manager – Food Safety Certification, Kenya Bureau of Standards 
  • Amir ParpiaFinance Director – Alpha Fine Foods, Kenya & Chairman, Food Sector, Kenya Association of Manufacturers 
  • George AtienoQuality & Hygiene Manager – MAF Carrefour Hypermarkets, Kenya 
  • Mercy ChatyokaQSHE Manager – National Foods Zimbabwe Matthew Ncube Deputy Group Executive Leader & Director, Nhlupo Business Optimisation Solutions 
  • Joan Lomabard Joan Lombard Quality Assurance & Food Safety Manager – Farmers Choice, Kenya

13 August 2020. Building a Sustainable and Resilient Dairy Value Chain in Africa post Covid-19

This Webinar provided new perspectives and solutions to key stakeholders in Africa to the challenges the dairy industry is facing during and after the pandemic.
  • JONATHAN KINISUManaging Director, Tetra Pak East Africa 
  • MARGARET KIBOGYManaging Director, Kenya Dairy Board 
  • COLM D’OLIERGeneral Manager, Promaco East Africa 
  • MICHAEL OCHIENG‘ Factory Manager – Suncrest Creameries, Malawi 
  • Douglas MARRIOTT Account Manager FC&E – Sub-Saharan Africa, CHR 
  • Hansen BONVENTURE MASIBO CEO – Kitinda Dairy Farmers Coop Society.

The Investing in Sustainable Food Businesses in Africa MasterClass Webinar briought together the key stakeholders from the food industry supply chain – food manufacturing, retail and hospitality investors; Government agencies, NGOs and funders – to find solutions to the sustainability and investments concerns facing Africa during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • NDIDI NWUNELI Managing Partner, Sahel Consulting; Co-founder, AACE Foods & Founder, LEAP Africa 
  • ANTONY MASINDE Country Director – Bountifield International, Kenya Office 
  • DAVID OWINO Founding Partner, Ascent Capital & Board Member, Private Equity and Venture Capital Association 
  • JUMANNE MTAMBALIKE Founder & CEO – Sahara Ventures

The connection between poor health conditions and dire outcomes from getting infected with Covid-19 has been one of the key discussion points around the World. As African countries grapple with the pandemic, it has become imperative that individuals, households and entire communities maintain proper nutrition, health and wellness to reduce the impact of the pandemic now and into the future.
  • JULIA OTAYA Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager – Coca-Cola
  • WANJIRU KANURI Executive Director – Root Cause, Kenya
  • PETER WATHIGO Market Development Manager – DSM
  • UDUAK IGBEKA Africa Manager, Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network
  • DR. JOHN KINYURU Lecturer, Food Science Dept., Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology
  • ANNE-MARIE DE BEER Nutrition, Health & Wellness Manager – Nestle South Africa

Upcoming webinars

This Webinar will seek to unearth the opportunities, challenges and market trends that the brewing and drinks industry in Africa must adopt to as the pandemic continues – and how the industry must rejig its operations to remain a significant contributor to Africa’s economies and job creation, while remaining efficient, more innovative and sustainable.

  • DUNCAN KIMANI Director of Manufacturing – Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, Ethiopia 
  • APIWE NXUSANI-MAWELA Founder & BrewMaster – Brewsters Craft, South Africa 
  • OLADAPO O. LOTOBrewing, Beverages & Distilling Consultant – Applied Brewing Solutions, Nigeria

The AFMASS Food Expo Grains, Milling & Bakery Webinar brings together the key stakeholders from the grains industry supply chain in Africa – farmers, grain storage and distribution; milling, baking and animal feed companies; Government agencies and other stakeholders to set the tone for the future of the sector during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.


8 November 2020. Sustainable packaging in Africa: New technologies & concepts for Africa’s industry in the 21st century

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