WEBINARS: Digitalisation of Extension and Advisory Services

WEBINARS: Digitalisation of Extension and Advisory Services

27 August 2020.  Digitalisation of Extension and Advisory Services. AFAAS in collaboration with CTA Legacy and other partners. For more information about the D4AEAS initiative at AFAAS, view here: https://www.afaas-africa.org/d4aeas/

This Webinar being the first in series of 4 (for year 2020), will use CTA’s Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report – 2018/19 as the basis for understanding the concept of Digitalisation for Agriculture (D4Ag), and how it can be utilized within Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) in Africa.

September 24: Digitalisation of AEAS: Framework and Practical cases
Exercises: Collection of concrete cases from countries and evaluation

October 29: Digitalisation of AEAS: Assessing e-extension solutions
Exercises: Documenting failures and successes

November 27: Foresighting e-Extension to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of Extension.
Exercises: Foresight, documentation of findings and recommendations

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