Women’s Day: VALUE4HER

2 March 2021. AGRA has kicked off the celebrations of 2021 international women’s day by a series of in –country VALUE4HER networking and advocacy events. These events promote interactions among women companies, markets actors and other public and development actors for better understanding of needs and opportunities. The first in country event started in Kenya on March 2nd 2021.

“In the next four weeks, we are going to hold similar networking events in all our 11 focus countries where women entrepreneurs in agribusiness can interact and share experiences with their colleagues and other players in the industry under the banner VALUE4HER,” said Vanessa Adams, AGRA’s Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, and Chief of Party, PIATA.

The meeting in Nairobi was the first step in an effort to bring the VALUE4HER platform to country levels, to local partners, financing institutions among other important players in the agribusiness sector.

VALUE4HER is a platform whose aim is to increase incomes and employment opportunities for women by linking women-led agribusinesses with competitive high value regional and global markets, and improving women business leader’s technical and managerial skills, with training on market dynamics, to grow their agribusinesses further.

CTA came to the end of its mandate on December 31 2020. With this development, the VALUE4HERConnect platform, an initiative of CTA, had to find a new hosting partner in Africa. To this end, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is now the institutional host for the platform and continues offering the networking and market intelligence services, initially offered under CTA. The official handover was on October 22.

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